How to Make a Zeppelin Bend Knot

Zeppelin Bend Knot

Of all the knots used to tie two ropes together the Zeppelin Bend is the best bar none. And chances are you have never heard of it! In this Survival Topic we will discuss one of the best knots of all time and explore its interesting history and usage in the days before you were born. The Zeppelin Bend knot, also known as the Rosendahl Bend knot, is interesting for a … [Read more...]

Winter Survival Shelter De-Constructed

Winter Survival Shelter

This guide from will show you how to quickly build an emergency survival shelter for cold weather survival. Using this method you can survive extreme cold conditions - even if you have a minimum of warm clothing and supplies. We will start with a completed shelter and peal back the layers to expose just how the shelter was constructed using materials at … [Read more...]

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