Clean Your Cooking Gear with Wood Ashes

Cleaning with Wood Ash

Using wood ashes as a cleaning agent makes alot of sense: they are readily available, free, and relatively safe for the environment when compared to many types of soap. In this Survival Topic we will cover this very handy method for the outdoorsman to clean his dirty dishes. Re-purpose Natural Materials When it comes to wilderness survival, large scale disaster, or even just … [Read more...]


How to Make Bannock

Bannock has been a staple food of wilderness explorers, prospectors, soldiers, and trappers for centuries. Portable, nutritious, tasty and easy to make while surviving in the outdoors, bannocks legendary reputation continues as one of the best survival foods you can bring into the wilderness. Bannock is high in carbohydrates and complements the proteins of pemmican, jerky, … [Read more...]

Balsam Fir Pitch

Balsam Fir Pitch

In wilderness survival knowing how to utilize trees like the balsam fir can enhance your ability to survive. Uses for the balsam fir tree for wilderness survival are so numerous that a complete inventory could easily fill a small book. If you are lucky enough to live in balsam fir (Abies balsamea) country then you have a readily available supply of medicines, fire starting … [Read more...]

Winter Survival Shelter De-Constructed

Winter Survival Shelter

This guide from will show you how to quickly build an emergency survival shelter for cold weather survival. Using this method you can survive extreme cold conditions - even if you have a minimum of warm clothing and supplies. We will start with a completed shelter and peal back the layers to expose just how the shelter was constructed using materials at … [Read more...]

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